Hello, I’m Julien…

— Education trumps class (Confucius)

Strasbourg-born, Mediterranean-blooded, I am now based in Melbourne, Australia.

I am an alumnus of Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris-Sorbonne University and Nanjing University. I attended executive leadership training with Melbourne University - Asialink in Australia, UN Peace University - Design for Social Impact Leadership in Cambodia, and the Amsterdam THNK School of Creative Leadership in the Netherlands. I am currently completing a PhD with Monash University researching the digital ecosystem of Chinese language learning as a global public good in the making. 

In 2019 I co-founded the Future Governance Agency, an independent global organisation exploring new models and ideas on governance and sharing those with the people and institutions who can bring them to fruition. Prior to this, I served as editor-in-chief with the Global Challenges Foundation in Stockholm, where I developed and curated a publication series to frame the conversation around global catastrophic risk and global governance in the lead up to the largest ever prize competition in the social sciences. In 2011, I founded Marco Polo Project, an independent charity organisation developing new ways of bringing cultures together, which I exited in 2019 and now support as senior advisor. In parallel, I have worked on a range of initiatives in their early stages and conducted an ongoing writing and storytelling practice which I shared in the form of books, films, exhibitions, talks and projects blogs. I currently collaborate on emerging projects ranging from digital strategy for fair-trade certification to blended learning models for personal development among Chinese-speaking entrepreneurs, ethnographic explorations of the blockchain ecosystem, new mourning rituals to address the emotional effects of environmental collapse, and building a global platform for the Internet of Things.

My achievements have been acknowledged through scholarships, grants and honours in Australia, China and the EU, including a Victorian Public Service Innovation Prize in 2011, a listing on the Victorian Multicultural Honour Roll in 2016, and the title of New Australian of the year in 2017. 

I am always on the look-out for new spaces where confusion stands in the way of peace, justice and human fulfilment, and where new frameworks or narratives are needed. If you believe that my skills and experience could be put to positive use in your context, please contact me through the link below!