Julien Leyre - 忠廉

Let’s bring your vision to life!


I work with exceptional people on complex emerging projects addressing the challenges of the 21st century. I give concrete shape to their vision.

We live in times of chaos. Structures and orders we took for granted are falling apart. The world centre of economic gravity is shifting back towards Asia, with major geopolitical implications. Technological progress has made exponential change our new normal. Environmental, systemic and even existential risks stand in the way of all long-term planning. In this context, it is more important than ever that we can establish common ground at the local, regional and global levels, make better collective decisions, and create the conditions where those can be followed by effective action. For this, we need new narratives, new forms of knowledge, and new ways of aligning and rewarding collective effort.

I have worked as a writer & editor, facilitator, speaker, and coach / consultant, with founders, thought leaders, intrapreneurs, academics, senior public servants and former heads of state, on problems ranging from governance to culture, diplomacy, learning, and new technology. My skills were shaped by multidisciplinary academic, design and leadership training received across Europe, Asia and Australia, from Ecole Normale Supérieure to Sorbonne University, Nanjing University, Melbourne University, Monash University, DSIL-UN Peace University and the THNK School of Creative Leadership.

If you are planning a new venture and articulating specifics is a struggle, if you need help crafting an op-ed, a keynote or a white paper, if you need to bring your team or a core group of supporters along on your vision, and you believe my skills and experience could be of use, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me through the box below!