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Language is our most precious tool for understanding the world, orchestrating collective action, and bringing the future to life. Yet mastering it is difficult, especially when it comes to capturing it in the written form. Even after years of effort and practice, language often seems to resist, refusing to give new visions a clear shape. And so, the best ideas may go to waste, simply because they never found the right form of expression. This is not something we can afford.

I have a passion for clear writing, nurtured by a lifelong commitment to the classics and years of teaching grammar and logic. Calmly finding the shape of an emerging argument and helping a valuable idea reach an adequate form of expression is one of my greatest sources of joy.

I offer short sequences of individual sessions to help you define the structure of an argument, whether for an op-ed, a keynote or a white paper. I also propose more in-depth assistance for major editorial and writing projects. This work is based on a lifelong writing practice, which I have shared in the form of books, articles, films, exhibitions and digital writing projects. You can read more about this on my personal blog.

If hazy wording or lack of structure is holding back your vision and you would like to discuss expert editorial support, please contact me here

Key writing and editorial projects


How to Rule a World - understanding power (coming soon)

In 2019, I co-founded the Future Governance Agency with outgoing Global Challenges Foundation executive director Carin Ism. Together, we worked on a book, exhibition and video series called ‘How to Rule a World’. Framed against major global changes calling for increased governance literacy, this project presents a general introduction to 30 established tools of governance and 15 upcoming trends that are redefining the landscape of governance today. This project is due for completion by the end of 2019.


Global Challenges Foundation - mitigating global catastrophic RISk

From 2016 to 2018, I worked as Editor in Chief with the Global Challenges Foundation. In close collaboration with the Executive Director, I developed and curated a new publication, the Global Challenges Quarterly Reports. The purpose of this series is to serve as a critical thinking tool for global thinkers and doers engaged in the creation of new global governance models. The series includes seven reports in total, each offering original contributions from a diverse group of experts exploring one key dimension of global governance - from historical precedents to media narratives or the disruptive potential of new technology. In addition, I orchestrated the production of the Global Challenges Foundation Risk Handbook - a world first concise introduction to global catastrophic risk. The handbook, based on scientific contributions by leading experts, offers a complete overview of 10 distinct risks and the governance structures currently in place to address them. Both publications played a crucial role in defining the conversation around the New Shape Prize, the world’s largest ever prize competition in the social sciences, which yielded over 2700 new proposals for upgrades to current global governance frameworks and institutions from 122 countries.


In 2011, I founded Marco Polo Project, an organisation that aims to develop new common cultural practices for globally connected people in our times of uncertainty. Our first large-scale initiative was a digital magazine bringing new voices from China to readers across the world. I curated an editorial line that brought together established and emerging intellectuals and social commentators to reflect the state of cultural, sociological and philosophical conversations on the Chinese blogosphere. In addition, I coordinated the efforts of a distributed volunteer translation community. Our magazine fed into Danwei Media (now supChina) as a weekly column, the '1510 digest', offering a unique window into conversations happening in China’s digital sphere, and informed contributions to ANU-Centre for China in the World’s publication, The China Story. In 2018, our collections were aggregated in a new library format, the Marco Polo Museum, where curious readers can take guided tours through contemporary China and - coming soon - Japan and Indonesia.