Public speaking offers a precious opportunity to reframe questions, set agendas, and build movements. In my talks, I aim to propose new ways of connecting the past and the future, clarify hazy concepts, and engage audiences through the power of storytelling and emotions. My goal, by doing this, is to trigger transformative insights, shift perceptions and establish new common ground for previously disconnected people, where they can build a better future together.

I have spoken internationally on global catastrophic risks, digital China, language and technology, and transnational community building. I also support other speakers in directing and structuring keynotes and major presentations.

If you believe that such an experience would benefit your colleagues, students or community, and that I might provide an adequate frame as a speaker or speaking advisor, please contact me here!

Global Catastrophic Risks

The world faces unprecedented levels of risk. Some of those risks - known as global catastrophic risks - might cause the death of over a billion people, or even lead to the demise of our species. I have addressed this topic for audiences of students and experts. I offer both general overviews and more in-depth exploration of particular risks, from ecosystem collapse or catastrophic climate change to artificial intelligence, with a focus on the risk themselves, or governance mechanisms to address those. Forums where I shared on this topic include the Asia Education Foundation, Global Challenges Foundation and the Effective Altruism Network.

Digital China

How will the rise of China affect the future of the Internet, and more generally the future of digital technology? What is the impact of digital technology on social relations and culture among Chinese citizens? What does the existence of a Chinese Internet ecosystem not dominated by Google, Facebook and Amazon mean for the Internet at large? How is China already impacting the future of artificial intelligence, blockchain and reputation systems? I have spoken on related topics at Paris-Sorbonne University, Ecole Normale Superieure, Fondation pour l’Innovation Politique, Monash University, Melbourne Writers Festival, Sydney Ideas, Melbourne University and Effective Altruism Australia.

Language and Technology

What happens at the nexus of digital technology, global citizenship, and linguistic difference? What role does language play in cementing communities? How will artificial intelligence and automatic translators impact all language learning and language-based industries? I have explored those questions along different perspectives, from opportunities and challenges raised by language learning software to the potential of developing future-of-work capability through language learning. Venues and partners include Melbourne Bastille Day, Italki, Language And Culture Network of Australian Universities, La Trobe University, Keio University, NYU Shanghai, and the Australian Defence Forces School of Languages.

Transnational community building

I was invited to speak about stories, place and memory in various forums, where I explored the related topics of migrant writing, multilingual writing, and the role of collective narratives in building transnational communities. I gave talks and joined panel on those topics with Melbourne Writers Festival, Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival, Beijing Bookworm, Alliance Francaise de Melbourne, Cherchez la Femme, Gran Canaria Dunas Festival, Midsumma Festival, Design for Social Impact Leadership, and the Writing and Concepts - RMIT event series.