Technological progress, environmental pressures and geopolitical shifts put our societies under higher and higher levels of stress. Future generations will inherit a world very different from the one we know, calling for new forms of education. More importantly perhaps, emerging and established leaders need to develop new skills and mindsets to navigate today’s complexity.

I design and deliver transformative learning experiences for groups and individuals operating across the silos of cultures, languages and disciplines. In workshops and programs, I look for balance between mind, body and emotions, with particular focus on developing reflective skills, creative thinking, and tolerance for ambiguity. For this, I combine elements of human-centred design, liberating structures, stoytelling, Qi Gong exercises and reflective frameworks inspired by Ignatian Spirituality. My practice is anchored in a rigorous design and piloting process, sharpened by training and experience across the globe. I develop programs with partners, and through Marco Polo Project, an organisation I founded in 2011 to tackle the learning Challenges of global citizens in the 21st century.

If you are looking for an expert facilitator to provide a unique experience for your team, partners or community - whether strategic design, mindset shift or value realignment - or if you’re looking to develop new forms of experiential learning to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and believe my skills and approach may be well matched, please contact me here

Key programs and partnerships

Translation Club – collaborative translation as a transformative peer-learning experience


Marco Polo Translation Club is a global movement exploring collaborative translation as a way to build peer-learning communities that nurture self-awareness and trigger deep mutual understanding. I started this movement during my time leading Marco Polo Project. Translation Club now runs as a weekly event in Melbourne and Tokyo, monthly in Mexico City, with additional pop ups across Europe, Asia and North America. 

Design for Diversity – hacking the hackathon format for teamwork and open prototyping


Design for Diversity is a facilitated hackathon with-a-twist. This one-day program uses a human-centered design framework to create a learning and social environment where globally-minded learners from different languages and cultures experience their potential as key agents of change. Unlike competitive, pitch focused hackathons, this program optimises for creative exploration, open collaboration, and iterative prototyping.

School of Slow Media – human-centred storytelling for peace-making in South East Asia


The School of Slow Media is a global leadership program for creatives, change makers and everyday leaders that want to develop a more mindful, collaborative and creative practice. Their 3-day REMIX program immerses participants in human-centred storytelling— a methodology where mindfulness, peaceful dialogue and design thinking are essential parts of the process. After supporting the 2015 Phnom Penh pilot, I joined the team in 2017 for the design and facilitation of the Manila REMIX. I am now working as part of an ASIA-wide network to establish Remix in Australia.

CAMP 2015 – laying the ground for bilateral innovation between Australia and China


In 2015, I joined the founding team of the China Australia Millennial Project – Australia’s largest bilateral innovation incubator. I curated the selection of 130 leading young leaders from Australia and China aged 19 to 35, and coordinated the operations of a 6-day summit in Sydney, with particular attention to fostering a supportive culture among the team and cohort through a set of Day-1 activities.