Educators have the power to change people. A successful learning experience will transform individual perceptions and collective dynamics, leading to greater trust, better judgement, and more efficient forms of collaboration. This belief inspired my early career as I shared knowledge in some of the world's oldest universities, and continues to guide my work as a learning designer and facilitator.

I design and deliver transformative learning experiences for groups and individuals operating across cultures and languages, with a particular focus on self-awareness, resilience and empathy. I do this both through self-initiated impact programs and by working on specific projects with festivals, learning institutions and organisations. My practice is anchored in systematic experiments and research conducted across the globe – from France, Australia and China to Stockholm, Singapore, Phnom Penh and Manila.

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Scalable Impact Programs

Marco Polo Translation Club is a global movement exploring collaborative translation as a way to build community and trigger deep mutual understanding. Marco Polo Translation Club is a weekly event in Melbourne and Tokyo, with additional pop ups occurring across Europe, Asia and North America. 

Switch-On is a training program to recalibrate trust in culturally diverse teams collaborating at a distance, designed in partnership with a team of expert consultants in the fields of culture and technology.

Design for Diversity is a program for senior high school students that harnesses design thinking to reframe diversity as a source of innovation and integrate international students to the school community.


Festivals and Major Events

I design and deliver coordinated events and festivals. In 2017, I co-curated the third edition of Independent Convergence, a one-day forum for independent artistic practitioners in Melbourne. In 2015, as part of the founding team for the China Australia Millennial Project – Australia’s largest bilateral innovation incubator – I curated the recruitment and selection of 130 leading young leaders from both countries and coordinated operations for a 6 day summit in Sydney. In 2014, I co-directed the Marco Polo Festival of Digital Literature, a world-first experiment to understand how digital media transformed the way we write, read and translate in Australia and China, in partnership with Melbourne Writers Festival, Yeeyan and the Beijing Bookworm.