Editing / Curation

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Well-curated collections of sharply-written texts have the power to change perceptions. They trigger fresh understandings, increased empathy, and new forms of collective belonging among their readers.

Achieving this is the purpose of my editorial work. 

To that end, I embrace the rhythmic tensions inherent in the practice of editing. I shift from patient periods of close listening to the sudden creative act of capturing a thought in the crystal-clear form of a structured text, and I harness the resistance of language as a tool to reveal weak signals, hidden dilemmas and unquestioned assumptions. 

My passion for clear writing  is nurtured by a lifelong commitment to the classics and years of teaching grammar and logic. Finding the shape of an emerging argument and helping a valuable idea reach an adequate form of expression is one of my greatest sources of joy. If hazy wording or lack of structure is holding back your initiative and you would like to discuss expert editorial support, please contact me here

Magazine editorial

Global Challenges Foundation

Since 2016, I work as Editor-in-Chief with the Global Challenges Foundation. In this role, I edit the Global Challenges Foundation Annual Risks Report, offering global decision-makers the latest scientific insights on the major threats facing humanity. I also curate the Quarterly Report series, a publication crafting new narratives and offering critical thinking tools for global thinkers and doers engaged in the creation of new global governance models.


Marco Polo Project

In 2011, I founded Marco Polo Project, an organisation that inspires and creates new ways of bringing cultures together - with a particular focus in the relationship between the Asian and European traditions. Through this organisation, I became the founding Chief Curator of the Marco Polo Museum, a digital platform curating a diverse selection of original writing from Asia for western readers.

Danwei Media / The China Story

In 2013-2014, I was invited to run the 1501 digest, a column on Beijing-based Danwei magazine offering a weekly insight into conversations on the Chinese blogosphere, and anchored in the work of Marco Polo Project. Some of those were later published on The China Story digital magazine.